Nowadays in our society the issues of intoxication which is also a disease is constantly increasing. One of our relative starts intake of drunk, and even after wishing, he is not able leave intoxication, then it can be treated only by being admitted to the de-addiction center.
Most of the de-addiction centers in India do not have basic facilities that is why, before recruiting our family members, we should necessarily see the following facilities and information: –
1) The psychiatrist is posted at the de-addiction center?
2) Is their is a psychologist posted in the centre?
3)Whether the doctor is posted in the center or not?
4)Does the center have nursing care facilities?
5)Whether medical facilities like oxygen cylinders, ECG and sugar test etc. are available in the center for the emergency?
6) By entering the center name in google all the Information about center must be obtained.
7)Whether the center is registered in the health department?
8)Information about the DIRECTOR of the center should also be obtained.
9)Gym facilities at the center must be seen.
10)In the name of therapeutic duty allotment in some centers all the work of the center is done by the patients information about this should be taken.
11)The mess of the center is clean or not?
12)Center is alive with cctv surveillance or not?
13)Center is covered with cctv surveillance or not?
Only after examining all these facilities, patient should be admitted to a de-addiction center.
Shuddhi De-Addiction Center is gratifying all the above services to our patient’s of Bhopal, Guna, Raisen, Narsinghpur, Damoh, Ashoknagar, Betul, Raipur, Hoshangabad, Harda, Sagar, Sehore.