According to a survey report “Magnitute of Substance Use in India” conducted by the Government of India in the year 2019.
In India, about 28 crore people are intoxicated in some way, of which 16 crore people are intoxicated by alcohol, 11 crore people use other drugs and about 10 million people take intoxicating substances such as petrol, silochana, etc.
Out of these 28 crore people, about seven and a half crore people are badly snarl in this intoxication that means 24 hours they intake intoxication.These 28 crores and seven and a half crores people is a very huge number.Surveys shows that out of 28 crores, most of the people are trapped in the average age of 14 to 16 years and the first person to do them is a mindless child.
The snarl of children at this young age tells that, somewhere our society is field to tell the ill effects of intoxication to their children
intoxication is spreading like an epidemic and crores of families is in it grip.Statistics show that if society does not warn, then this situation will get worse.This work not to be left for the government alone it also requires that: –

  1. We should aware children of our family ill effects of intoxication.
  2. It should be included in the curriculum of students in schools and colleges.
  3. Monitoring mechanism should be developed on the children who are trapped in it and treat them so that they can not catch other children.
  4. Society should be united to stop the sale of drugs around.
    The snarl of such a huge number of people in intoxication reduces the capacity of our society our children getting intoxicated and instead of getting developed they are get they are getting destroyed.